Collaborative Divorce
Many people are unaware there is an alternative to the traditional conflict laden process most couples experience when going through a divorce. Collaborative divorce is an option that guides the couple through a divorce in a mutually respectful process. Interest based negotiation keeps conflict down, and thus encourages a better co-parenting relationship both during the divorcing process as well as post-divorce. As the focus is kept on common interests and mutual respect for ending a marriage that once began with love, collaborative divorce gives the couple the opportunity to disentangle in a respectful way.  
Similar to its cousin mediation, couples going through a collaborative divorce agree to reach an agreement without going to court. Unlike mediation, however, in collaborative divorce each person has the guidance and advocacy of his/her own attorney and divorce coach, present and active throughout the process. By utilizing a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, mental health professionals and one neutral financial advisor, the collaborative process addresses not only the legal aspects of divorce, but also the emotional and financial factors that often intensify an already difficult and painful process. Through this unique team approach, divorcing couples benefit from the expertise and guidance of their team of professionals and thus positively impact the post-divorce relationship. 
As your divorce coach on this multi-disciplinary team, I will assist you in understanding and controlling the emotional and behavioral aspects that contributed to your divorce, as well as those that develop throughout the process of disentangling. Together with your attorney,I will help you make clear and effective decisions for your future. Additionally, we will work together with your partner and his/her divorce coach, to write an effective parenting plan that will guide you in the development of your new co-parenting relationship. And lastly, I will continue to be available after your divorce to assist with any future divorce related parenting concerns.